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Why JusticeSeeders?

Like you, we are passionate about social justice. No one should ever have to feel excluded, unseen, or unworthy based on gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, belief systems, economic status, et cetera. As a mother, I absolutely ache for my daughter to grow up in a world of increasing love and compassion, and valuing the gifts of diversity.


The vision of JusticeSeeders is to sow the ideas of Dignity, Love, Freedom, and Inclusion through wearable and sharable art; support justice-focused organizations; and empower those who feel trapped in a systemic cycle of injustice and, too often, poverty.  As a mother-daughter team, we are enamored with the idea of adorning ourselves in meaningful ways and surrounding ourselves with meaningful art.  We invite you to join us in selecting and wearing jewelry that speaks from the heart; clothing that begins to weave precious justice-filled words back into the fabric of our communities; music that teaches children about real love and dignity for all; and art that is as meaningful as it is aesthetically appealing.

Care. Wear. Share.


JusticeSeeders provides wearable and sharable art to sow the ideas of social justice and support on-the-ground organizations fighting for Dignity, Love, Freedom, and Inclusion for all. We accomplish this goal in three ways:

Providing art and adornments designed to increase mainstream awareness and dialogue central to social justice issues. [Time after time we have witnessed conversations begin between women because of their jewelry and clothing.]

Raising funds through product sales to benefit social justice efforts both globally and locally.

Creating generous fair wage work opportunities through proactive hiring practices.


Social change begins with recognition and conversation. Pursuing social justice is an incredibly worthy and often spiritual endeavor. It is about creating opportunities for others to discover themselves, honor their spirits, and to work for social change from a place of heart and spirit.