Miscellaneous – First Baby (from Mother-to-Daughter)


Cover: Holding you in my arms for the first time I was overcome by the intensity of love I felt for one tiny being.

Inside Flap: Now as I watch you with your own child, I am again in awe of how much love one heart can hold

Interior: I love you. You will be a wonderful mother!

Cream Card comes with matching envelope; beautifully deckled edge.


These 4X6 trifold cards simply ooze emotion and nostalgia using original artistic B&W images and the above timeless sentiment. Fits a 4X6 frame for the positively hopeless romantics, like us! Sometimes it is still nice to know that somebody handwrote their love and licked a stamp for you. Holding a card sent by somebody who holds you in their heart will never go out of style. Let someone you love know you care enough to tell them personally how much they mean to you.

Weight .0563 lbs