Why does JusticeSeeders exist?

Like you, we are passionate about social justice. No one should ever have to feel excluded, unseen, or unworthy based on gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, belief systems, economic status, et cetera. As a mother, I absolutely ache for my daughter to grow up in a world of increasing love and compassion, and valuing the gifts of diversity. We wanted to sow the ideas of Dignity, Love, Freedom, and Inclusion through wearable and sharable art; support justice-focused organizations; and empower those who feel trapped in a systemic cycle of injustice and, too often, poverty.

Are you a 501c3?

We are babies and although we are legally a business, we donate 100% of our proceeds to non-profits. We are also looking into becoming a 501c3, but have not gained official status. If you would like to help us, we are looking for help filing the appropriate paperwork.

Where have you donated the profits so far?

We chose to honor family members and dear friends with projects close to their hearts. To date we have donated funds to:

• The Polaris Project (fights human trafficking and modern day slavery),

• Doctors Without Borders (delivering emergency medical services globally where the need is the greatest),

• Potters for Peace (providing technology and training for access to safe water),

• Habitat for Humanity (building homes, community and hope),

• Dilworth Soup Kitchen (a local soup kitchen “where guests are treated like restaurant customers”)

What is “generous fair wage”?

Generous fair wage means that we offer employees compensation above minimum wage, appropriate for the community where they live, that enables them to properly contribute to their family. In cooperation with our collaborative partners, we also provide enrichment opportunities and job skill training.

When can I expect to see new products from JusticeSeeders?

We are always looking for new products. Please visit our site from time to time to see what new and wonderful things we’ve discovered.

What is the difference between a JusticeSeeder and a ChiefSeeder?

A JusticeSeeder is all of us who intentionally work to seed the ideas of social justice in our communities. A ChiefSeeder takes it to the next level. Working with us, ChiefSeeders are passionate about giving back to social justice causes and excited about the concept of impacting our communities through the messages our jewelry and clothing deliver. By helping arrange opportunities to sell our products at Trunk Shows, boutiques, yoga studios, etc. If you’d like to discuss being a ChiefSeeder, please click here to contact us!

How can I get involved?

There are different fun ways to get involved with JusticeSeeders. You may host a trunk show, volunteer with order fulfillment and administrative duties, assist in our pursuit of 501c3 status, or let us know if you have another talent… we would LOVE your help! Please let us know what you are interested in by clicking here.


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